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A pleasure for the eyes and a celebration for the taste buds. Samourai welcomes you to our new website.

The first Sushi originated in the rice fields of Southeast Asia where the locals would ferment the fish with two amazing ingredients, salt and rice.

Since then, the word Sushi has become so global that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without sushi. It is not just food, its art created with the very best of natural products, with  passion, creativity and  respect for the food and the person who receives the meal.

At Samourai we try to introduce our customers to the world of Sushi. We serve various types of classic and fusion sushi and unique special rolls as an addition to your ultimate Japanese experience. Apart from that our kitchen has gathered inspirations from world cuisine, specially Southeast Asia. This can be reflected by the fusion and grill dishes that we serve. We also have vegetarian and vegan dishes and we thrive to adjust our dishes according to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Besides the dining experience, it is perfectly possible to take out the dishes and enjoy them at your home. Everything is prepared fresh as you order. Our team thrives to give our customers a good service and a pleasant environment at our restaurant.

Liefste Klanten, we werken met 2 shift per avond zoals vele andere restaurants. Hierdoor nemen we enkel op de beschikbare tijdstippen reservaties. Dus we nemen geen reservaties  voor 19h, en 19:30. 

U kunt ook gerust zonder reservatie ook langskomen als de beschikbare tijdstippen niet mogelijk zijn. U bent altijd welkom! 

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